Asking foundation to add pantherprotocol.ens name to IPFS link

I am checking Panther PIP10 draft decentralized Adv Staking deployment and I am wondering if we need to attach pantherprotocol.ens name to the IPFS link.

I am asking Panther Foundation to attach this to IPFS as it makes sense to me for deployment. Team please reply.


Thanks for your input.

On: Your suggestion would make the CID more user-friendly to look at while using Adv Staking.

Furhter context can be found here for the ones interested.

100%. Much more user friendly :+1:t3:

I think @MoonRocket suggestion should be held in consideration, I wish Panther Foundation will adapt accordingly.

and secure ( from fake/scam links)

this might as well can be added to PIP10

@onblock - Just curious is that needed?
Would it not be redirected using the same as the classic staking url:

The SSL Web certificates for already exists.

Also what would/should the name be for the advanced staking page ? - seems a little long? - perhaps an option?

And if ENS is used:

https://advancedstaking.pantherprotocol.ens or https://advstaking.pantherprotocol.ens
( Web Certificates - SSL - for this does not yet exist and would need to be acquired additionally)


Agree with that! will be easy to use.