PIP-10 review, discussion and launch


We hereby share the second Advanced Staking DAO proposal, PIP-10!
Please feel free to discuss and review the proposal. If concurred, one of the Snapshot Authors can push it towards Snapshot so that ZKP holders can vote.

Please be aware that the smart contract deployment details will specified more on the actual proposal. Furthermore, the Ethereum address of the community member who deployed the second Subgraph instance will be stated on the Snapshot proposal also.


PIP-10: Launch Advanced Staking, Part 2: Configuration

This proposal is the second one out of two governing the launch of version 0.5 of the Panther Protocol, known as “Advanced Staking”. This PIP activates newly deployed software components by configuring both new and existing components of the Panther Protocol to work together.

Furthermore this PIP executes rewarding deployers of newly deployed components as per PIP-9.


The approval of PIP-9 by the Panther DAO empowered the Panther community to deploy smart contracts and other software components for Panther’s v0.5. The source code of these components was published and licensed for the deployment.

Since then, community members have deployed these new components, making it possible: to complete the integration and launch version 0.5. To achieve this, newly deployed components and ones which existed before PIP-9 need to be configured to work as a whole.

This proposal authorizes the attached blockchain transactions, which are an indivisible part of this proposal. It also triggers the corresponding updates in configuration of the Panther Protocol’s smart contracts.

This proposal also covers rewarding the users that deployed Advanced Staking’s components as per PIP-9.

Technical Details

New Smart Contracts

The Panther Protocol to be extended with the following, newly deployed smart contracts:

On the Ethereum mainnet:

  • at 0xFED599513aB078Edea7Cf46574154f92b0B9FCAB - referred to as AdvancedStakeRewardAdviserAndMsgSender

On the Polygon network:

  • at 0x8f15a43961c27C74CB4F55234A78802401614de3 referred to as AdvancedStakeRewardController

  • at 0x47374FBE2289c0442f33a388590385A0b32a20Ff referred to as AdvancedStakeActionMsgRelayer

  • at 0x9a423671e9Cde99Ae88853B701f98ca9e136877B PantherPoolV0

  • 0xE5da4955cBC480Eb9Bf9534def229F9D8339eE6d - PNftToken

  • 0xb658B085144a0BEd098620BB829b676371B9B48c - ZAssetsRegistry

Subgraph instances

The following Subgraph instances will be used to feed data to the Front End:

(some more instances may be added to this list).

Smart contract configuration

The terms for the staking programs will be those outlined by PIP-9.

Furthermore, Advanced Staking will go live on 2022-12-08 @18:00:00, and stakes will be accepted for 119 days (till 2023-04-06 @18:00:00) if the 6,000,000 $ZKP reward pool is not depleted before or Panther’s v1 is not launched earlier.

zAssets may be redeemed from 2023-04-07 @18:00:00.

Further configuration details may be found in Panther’s Gitbook.

Community deployment rewards

As per the PIP-9 the following rewards shall be sent:

  • 8000 $ZKP to 0xf0886ac6B2E9A2A75C9537EAF1A3aa8398FB10e8 for deployment of smart contracts and 1st subgraph instance

  • 2000 $ZKP to 0xXXX for deployment of the 2nd subgraph instance

Proposed actions

The following actions are proposed:

Authorize and deploy to the Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon network the configuration transactions described in Panther’s Gitbook.

Send rewards to the deployers of smart contracts and Subgraph instances as per the PIP-9.


Please vote to accept or reject the proposed actions detailed above.

As per the existing DAO governance structure, as the staking smart contracts are not currently issuing any rewards, you need to hold $ZKP, staked or not, on the Ethereum Mainnet or Polygon to participate in voting.

Voting power is calculated by Snapshot.org taking a snapshot of the number of ZKP tokens per holder at the block within which the proposal was create


Is a big step forward if Panther V0.5 launches :+1:


I agree with this draft proposal


Fully on-board! Let’s go!!


Let’s go!!! Can’t wait for the PIP-10 to go live


I support the launch and conditions cheers


I approve the PIP-10 draft proposal with no reserve.

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Let’s gooooo. Keen to get this live ASAP and proposal looks great!


Yess move forwards… fully ageer…


Let’s move on! :rocket: :rocket: :fire:


Looks good! Time to roll…


Great Proposal…in full agreement!

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I agree with this draft proposal. let’s stack ZKP!!

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its good proposal i agree with that

Hi Zork,

Do we know what would be the address for staking? Are we keeping with the “staking.pantherprotocol.io”?

According to pip-10:

‘pantherprotocol.eth ENS domain namespace in such a way that the user-friendly link https://ipfs.io/ipns/pantherprotocol.eth will point to the deployed front-end.’

Thanks Toxic. I’ve read that, but once tried to login, I couldn’t. But I guess will become active once proposal passes. Just want to make sure all is ready for Thursday.

It’s not live yet, it’s only launching on Thursday 8 December…

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it’s a great idea to make a simple and convenient link