Panther Improvement Proposal (PIP) template

Hey everyone,

Multiple community members are wondering how one can set up a Panther Improvement Proposal (PIP).
About half a year ago, I shared a PIP template in order to give everyone a better idea about the proposal build-up.

I would recommend to save this build-up or to check out our docs so that everyone has a better understanding on how to set up a proposal.

A PIP template consists of the following:

Proposal Name:

(Title of the proposal)


(List the author of the proposal; can be a real name, TG, Twitter or Discord handle)


(summary of the proposal in 2-3 sentences)


(Provide the motivation for and background info about the proposal and why it is necessary)


(Outline the benefits that implementation of the proposal will bring)

Proposed Actions:

(Provide the tasks that need to be executed to achieve the goal of the PIP and related details, and who will be involved in the implementation of the PIP and their responsibilities)


(Insert key dates and milestones)


(Provide detailed costs of implementation and where the funds will come from)

Voting and Participation:

(Provide the ways in which community members can vote on this PIP - yes/no - and outline the steps that need to be taken for the PIP to get approved, including when PIP will begin, how long voting will be open, and other details)

A similar proposal structure can be found at Apecoin .

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