PIP-13 review, discussion and launch

Good morning everyone:

We hereby share a proposal to extend the Advanced Staking program, PIP-13! This proposal also covers multiple front-end (UI) updates and the distribution of deployment rewards as stated on PIP-11. Please feel free to discuss and review the proposal. If concurred, one of the Snapshot Authors can push it towards Snapshot so that ZKP holders can vote.


Proposal #13: Extend Advanced Staking and UI Updates

This proposal introduces two key initiatives:

Extending the “Advanced Staking” program till August 22, 2023. The parameters of the program can be found in the “Terms for smart contracts” section.

Activating updates to the front-end (UI) of Panther Protocol (version 0.5.1). A list of updates can be found in the v0.5.3 release description.


The initial “Advanced Staking” program was launched via PIP-9 and PIP-10 and successfully reached its end on 07 April, 2023. There are remaining $ZKP tokens originally allocated as staking rewards that the community proposes to use to reward stakers in the extended program.

As discussed on Panther’s Discourse forum, the community recommends running a new cycle of the “Advanced Staking” program (AS2), with parameters stated below in the “Terms for smart contracts” section.

This proposal authorizes and triggers the execution (via Panther’s space on Snapshot.org and the Reality.eth oracle) of the attached blockchain transactions listed below under Annex, deploying and configuring Panther’s smart contracts to launch AS2.

Through PIP-11 Panther’s front-end v0.5.1 was deployed and activated. After the launch, users witnessed minor front-end (UI) related issues. Contributors to the protocol prepared, tested, and released the new front-end version - v0.5.3.

The community recommends using the v0.5.3 front-end instead of v0.5.1 (the previous one).

In order to have a user-friendly URL pointing to v0.5.3’s front-end, and to safeguard access to the correct link/app, the community makes a recommendation to configure the pantherprotocol.eth ENS domain namespace in such a way that the user-friendly link https://ipfs.io/ipns/pantherprotocol.eth will point to the v0.5.3 front-end.

Terms for smart contracts:

It is proposed to follow the below parameters for extending the “Advanced Staking” program:

Parameter Description
Last day stakes are accepted August 22, 2023 12:00:00 PM UTC. This can be earlier should “Amount of $ZKP allocated for rewards to all stakers” below get depleted or Panther’s v1 be launched beforehand.
Time for a staker to withdraw rewards from the MASP (but forfeiting the right to accumulate PRPs) Immediately after the stake is created

Other parameters remain the same as defined by PIP-9.

Proposed Actions:

Approve all parameters included in the sections “Terms for smart contracts” and “Community Deployment Rewards”.

Authorize and execute on the Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon network the deployment and configuration transactions described in the Annex, to achieve the terms for the AS2 program to be those outlined in the section “Terms for smart contracts”,

Transfer the reward of 2,000 $ZKP for the front-end v0.5.1 deployment, as per PIP-11’s, Proposed actions, Point 1, to the user with the Ethereum address 0xE1B583De9cB37196031b771686734a31ec365768.

Allocate 100,000 $ZKP out of the total 450M $ZKP allocated for protocol rewards, to be used for Community Deployment Rewards under the present and future proposals.

Request the Panther Foundation to configure the pantherprotocol.eth namespace so that the URL https://ipfs.io/ipns/pantherprotocol.eth will point to the v0.5.3’s front-end deployed on IPFS.


This proposal triggers the execution of the following blockchain transactions. These transactions are already encoded during the submission of the proposal to Snapshot.org, and can be independently verified via the snapshot.org web interface.

The complete list of transactions can be found under the following URL: https://docs.pantherprotocol.io/dao/governance/proposal-13-extend-advanced-staking-and-ui-updates/technical-details​

Batch 1 transaction 1

Deploy the AdvancedStakeV2ActionMsgTranslator smart contract on the Polygon network by invoking the DeterministicDeploymentProxy on the Polygon Network.

The transaction will initiate a call to FxRoot on the Ethereum mainnet, which will bridge the contract bytecode to the Polygon network through the MaticBridgeModule.

Batch 2 transaction 1

Deploy the AdvancedStakeV2ActionMsgTranslator smart contract on the Ethereum mainnet using the DeterministicDeploymentProxy.

Batch 2 transaction 2…5

Configure the Staking and AdvancedStakeRewardAdviserAndMsgSender smart contracts on the Ethereum mainnet to work with the newly deployed AdvancedStakeV2ActionMsgTranslator.

Batch 2 transaction 6

Re-enable Advanced Stakes on the Ethereum mainnet from Thursday, April 6, 2023, at 6:00:00 PM UTC until Tuesday, August 22, 2023, at 12:00:00 PM UTC, with a lock period of 60 days.

Batch 3

Configure the Staking and AdvancedStakeRewardAdviserAndMsgSender contracts on the Polygon network to interact with the newly deployed AdvancedStakeV2ActionMsgTranslator.

Calls to FxRoot on the Ethereum network will trigger the corresponding calls on the Polygon network.

This is done through the bridging mechanism provided by the MaticBridgeModule.

Once the transactions are executed on the Ethereum network, they will be relayed to the Polygon network, where they will be decoded and executed.

Batch 3 transaction 5

Re-enable advanced stakes on Polygon starting from Thursday, April 6, 2023 at 6:00:00 PM UTC until Tuesday, August 22, 2023 at 12:00:00 PM UTC, with a lock period of 60 days.

The transaction will call FxRoot on the Ethereum mainnet to bridge the configuration data to the Polygon network through MaticBridgeModule.

Batch 3 transaction 6

Update the advanced staking reward parameters by changing the end time to Tuesday, August 22, 2023 at 4:00:00 PM GMT.

The transaction will invoke the call to FxRoot on the mainnet to facilitate the transfer of the configuration call across the Polygon bridge.

Batch 4 transaction 1

Transfer ZKP reward to the community member for executing the PIP-11.

Batch 4 transaction 2…3

Add and configure a 100,000 $ZKP Vesting Pool designated for Community Deployment rewards.


Please vote to accept or reject the proposed actions detailed above.

As per the existing DAO governance structure, as the staking smart contracts are not currently issuing any rewards, you need to hold $ZKP, staked or not, on the Ethereum Mainnet or Polygon to participate in voting.

Voting power is calculated by Snapshot.org taking a snapshot of the number of ZKP tokens per holder at the block within which the proposal was created.

Full proposal details:

The full details of this proposal are visible also in raw Markdown format on IPFS, e.g.


Looks great looking forward to voting on this one!


Lookinng forward to stack my ZKP again :pray:


An adequate PIP, I agree with it.


Lets vote today… looks good

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What happens with the left over ZKP if there is an excess at the end of staking/V1 implementation

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great, we’ve all been waiting for this for a long time, let’s start voting as soon as possible, I support


Great news, I fully support this, let’s go!

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Looking forward to the voting! Great proposal!


Great proposal - looking forward to the visual updates!

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Looks good, Lets Vote


Looks good! Want to get mine staked ASAP

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I agree with the proposal. Let’s take it to a vote ASAP.

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Let’s go ahead. Support it to move forward.

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It looks great. Let’s goo!

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It is live now - this is the link on snapshot:

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During the first Advanced Staking program, approximately 44% of the reward pool has been claimed. Since this new program has a similar duration and APR rate, if a comparable amount of $ZKP has been staked, I think it’s safe to say that approximately 88% being claimed at the end of the program (120 days) is to be likely.

The other 12% could for example be reserved for testnet rewards, allocated for mainnet (V1.0), and so forth.


Sounds good to me :+1:t2:

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