Adding $ZKP to the Advanced Staking rewards pool

Dear Panther stakers,

The Advanced Staking rewards pool is almost empty, 140 000 $ZKP were distributed last week.

As the program´s still ongoing until March 10, it made sense to create this topic which could possibly lead to a new PIP. Let us know in case you want the staking rewards pool to be refilled so that everyone can continue earning staking rewards.

Have a great weekend on behalf of the Panther team.


Fully Agree lets increase the reward pool


I think with V1 speculated to launch at the end of April, as per Olii’s comments in the AMA yesterday, then it makes sense to continue the rewards past 10th March.


I concur, I would like to ape my entire bag in and stake. Lets add more to the pool as long as it has a minimal effect on the token price, etc.

Adding $ZKP to the Advanced Staking rewards pool? Do it.