Staking APY Discussion

I opened this topic to discuss staking APY, everyone jump in.
I think 6000% when it opens then it levels out as tokens are staked. :slight_smile:


Thanks for being early here.

On: The Advanced Staking APY should be a sustainable number depending on the ZKP tokenomics, hence the 45% of the total supply being protocol rewards, being distributed over the timeframe provided. One could use these as a guideline.

Also due to the implementation of Panther Improvement Proposal 5 (PIP 5), a small portion of ZKP is for ever locked as a part of the solution provided which should be taken into account.


I believe we are privileged because we are so early, I expect an apy below 90% when everyone settles down, that is, my speculation.


Even a similar APY of Classic staking (around 50% at itā€™s lowest) would be goodā€¦but that would also mean that the price of ZKP increases significantly due to the extended lock up period of 30 days compared to Classic stakingā€¦I really hope we move above the public sale price just to shut off all the noiseā€¦and have some mature investors come in!


I think it would be fair to make an increased api for staking to the owners of the Priz zkp token, since only they are the true owners and participants of the early financing of the project, it would be fair, I hope the team will hear me


Fully agreeā€¦. Special for the people who bought in the public sale and still holdingā€¦


Iā€™m in agreement with those above suggesting a increase APR vs. Classic Staking, given the delays.


An early 25% rate, can be feasible.


Will say a portion of ZKP will be allocated for the staking pool (say 10M ZKP) ? How do we decide how much to be allocated? Last time how did panther team arrive at 6M ZKP Pool

Its great project lead by exprienced management team and one of best protocol to swap staking fastest transaction cheapest gas.i experienced while i used testnet i believed this will flagship project in upcoming days i strongly recommed to use this protocol


Please give us more details on your experience with the testingā€¦how did you test out swapping???

This is a good point.

Advanced Staking program should be sustainable program for Panther and ZKP users to protect healthy environment for holders and show that advanced staking program is a credible program just like other popular and healthy Web3 program rates.


It is important to mention is that the Advanced Staking program will have an APR instead of an APY. The difference between APR and APY are, for example, explained here in this article. Besides that I agree that your reasoning makes a lot of sense.


Hot take - As minimal ZKP rewards as possible (10% APR or less), so we do not dilute the supply before the main launch of the protocol. Yes, we want to incentivise and reward early holders.Yes, ZKP price will be somewhat linked to the TVL of the functioning V1. But, I see alot of holders probably wanting to get out before Panther actually starts to succeed, as they do not see it getting there anyways. By offering a large rewards pool will only hurt the price more and dilute the supply.
Further consideration - Whales will benifit the most from a large APR and will hurt the price the most when they decide to sell.


Fully agree, such as the 7.6 million ZkP wallet on polygon

This is a great pointā€¦but we are only looking at current holdersā€¦the whole dynamics of ZKP will change once the MVP is outā€¦this will indeed attract more retail/institutional investorsā€¦so the only way to get them to look at ZKP is either by a good ROIā€¦or some unbelievable price appreciation! So we canā€™t have a super low APR and expect to have hoards of new investors fluttering inā€¦also retail is the first to come inā€¦and given the current sentiment regarding ā€˜privacy tokensā€™ (I realise ZKP isnā€™t oneā€¦but it definitely comes under that umbrella from the outside) we really need one of the above to make them look our way


I believe as with most things related to staking APR is higher in the beginning and as more tokens are staked it would slowly reduce to some point of stability and usually be much lower in the endā€¦
Example 1 million tokens staked 100% APR - 10 million tokens staked APR would drop to 10% usually


That should be a room for adjustment for the APR depending on the amount of ZKP staked.

Yes this is true, I agree. We need sustainable APR for ZKP supply

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This is very important issue. APY for staking should consider maintaining a healthy tokenomics and respecting $ZKP holders at the same time. Holders have been waiting for advanced staking for quite some time, and in the meantime $ZKP has fallen significantly from public offering price. Since there was no additional supply of $ZKP due to rewards during the waiting period for advanced staking, I think that the initial APY may be set high for the respect of holders.