Advanced Staking code updates - PIP-11

I agree that we would like those bugs fixed :slight_smile:

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Thanks for initiating this topic.

On: In order to fix the Adv Staking UI bugs, a new version of the product needs to be uploaded onto IPFS eventually. The reported bugs and suggested product improvements can be stated onto the PIP itself after they are filtered out.

That’s great! I’m in full agreement to this proposal…will this effect our current stakes/rewards?? This needs to be clarified

It’s just UI ( User Interface ) bugs I don’t expect it would impact current stakes and rewards just how those are displayed if they are currently displayed wrong.

Ok this topic is being shifted up to PIP-11 for earlier release.

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Great move… i am a supporter…

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Surely need to be fixed. Let’s do it.


We hereby share the Adv Staking front-end updates and upgrades proposal, PIP-11!
Please feel free to discuss and review the front-end updates and overall proposal. If concurred, one of the Snapshot Authors can push it towards Snapshot so that ZKP holders can vote. For in the future, we are aiming to find a way to make source code ownership and availability more decentralized, readable and understandable for all Panther users and ZKP holders.

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PIP-11: v0.5 Front-End code updates and upgrades

This proposal introduces updates and upgrades to the front-end (the “DApp”) of the Panther Protocol version 0.5, known as ‘’Advanced Staking’’.

A comprehensive list of the introduced changes can be found below in the Annex.


Through PIP-9 and PIP-10, the Panther Protocol version 0.5 was deployed and activated. After the launch of the version 0.5, users witnessed front-end (DApp) related issues. After the launch, contributors to the protocol prepared, tested and published source code of the new front-end (DApp) version (the “v0.5 upgraded front-end”) that resolves found issues and optimises performance.

As discussed by the community on the Panther’s Discourse forum, the community recommends using the v0.5 upgraded front-end instead of the previous one.

In order to have a user-friendly URL pointing to the v0.5 upgraded front-end, and also to safeguard access to the correct link/app, the community requests and makes a recommendation to Panther Foundation to configure the pantherprotocol.eth ENS domain namespace in such a way that the user-friendly link will point to the v0.5 upgraded front-end (DApp) deployed front-end.

Proposed actions

The following action(s) are proposed:

  1. Allocate the unused 2,000 $ZKP out of 4,000 $ZKP previously allocated in accordance with the PIP-9 for front-end deployments, to be used for rewards to a community member who will have built and deployed the v0.5 upgraded front-end on IPFS.

  2. Request Panther Foundation to configure the pantherprotocol.eth ENS domain namespace so that the URL will point to the v0.5 upgraded front-end (DApp) deployed on IPFS.


Please vote to accept or reject the proposed actions detailed above.

Voting power is calculated by taking a snapshot of the number of $ZKP tokens staked per holder at the block within which the proposal was created.

Annex: Front-end (DApp) updates

Following changes are introduced by the new front-end (DApp) version:

  • Optimise UI performance if multiple stakes (40+) are created by a user.

  • Correct the broken layout for the AssetsCardRow on mobile.

  • Show an error notification card when there is an error refreshing the balance.

  • Show APR when the user is disconnected.

  • Correct Balance card layout, when the user is disconnected.

  • Correct the link on the Staking page/ Staking tab/Privacy Reward Points field tooltip and introduce other text fixes.

  • Update the MATIC balance upon the refresh button push.

The source code is available at


Looks great, Lets move forward on this one. :muscle:

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Its look great good proposal let hope for the best

Looks good!…is there an upper limit for the UI to display correct stakes (it only says 40+) ? This is especially important for those that have multiple stakes when the time comes to unstake…Thank you

Great proposal!! Thanks for putting this together

It’s looks great proposal :+1:

Yep of course, hope every bug gona be solved soon

Looks great! Let’s keep the momentum going. Nice work Panther team.

I agree let’s do it faster and move on

I want to know why we are voting for the ENS again, it was already voted for in PIP-10 and not completed ‘later this month’ as stated at the time.

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Have we all seen the Podcast Ollie cappped :slightly_smiling_face: ?

You can see the clip glimpse here and the link to a podcast is ready also -

A quick heads up: The pantherprotocol.eth ENS domain namespace has been configured as per PIP-11. Meaning that now, the user-friendly link points to the upgraded Advanced Staking DApp.

Furthermore, the admin on the pantherprotocol.eth namespace and has been set to the Multisig as per PIP-8.

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