Decentralisation Moving Forward

Panther’s decentralisation is going forward ! Following up on the Google form for Discourse moderators.

Members from the communiy as well as the team and ambassadors have been selected as part of the Panther Snapshot Council to execute DAO proposals :fire:

Of course this will be all part of PIP 6 on the forum for us (ZKP holders) to vote on !

No ETA yet. More to come ! :soon:


Great to know! Congratulations to all short listed…looking forward to the voting…and the improved communication with the community moving forward!


This week we spend time to draft up PIP 6. Through this PIP we propose to decentralize Snapshot by onboarding community members as both authors and admins on Snapshot. The details are stated on the PIP itself which we will share with everyone later on in order to let the ZKP holders vote on the PIP.
Furthermore, through PIP 6 we also propose alternative voting rules in order to let ZKP holders that already unstaked from the Classic Staking program vote on Snapshot proposals.

As per Proposal 3, DAO participants needed to stake their ZKP in the Classic Staking program on Ethereum or Polygon. Through PIP 6 we propose to change this since a lot of ZKP is already unstaked which would create a hurdle for ZKP holders to vote.


PIP 6 is now live :partying_face:

We propose an introduction of new Snapshot Authors. These are accounts with the ability to write DAO proposals. We propose that changes to this council will be applied after a duration of 6 months, after which the community is to nominate a new list of Snapshot Admins and Authors.

On section 3 one can see the proposed new voting logic.


Hello Joris, what will happen if we do not receive enough votes from holders who have not yet unstaked? I see we are at 82.4% with +/- 15hrs remaining atm?

I wanted to say…although delays are really hard to endure for us retail investors…I am really starting to appreciate Panthers slow approach to ensure full compliance with regulators…It is obvious from the previous videos of interviews with @OriginalOlii and @zeroknowledge how important regulated privacy is essential from the point of view of governments to secure their own citizens daily transactions/investments…especially as the crypto space grows in volume…it was really ironic…I was just watching the 007 Spectre movie…and it clearly shows the dangers of vast surveillance in the Wrong hands! So kudos to the team for their diligent approach! Really excited for the future :rocket:

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