Length of Advanced Staking?

the first option, in which the current rate remains at the same level, is the most acceptable, and I like the option of distributing unrealized tokens between bet holders

Great discussion Guysā€¦this is my opinionā€¦although time is of the essenceā€¦I do see how (as Joris suggests) we lowering APY for now and then increasing it up again on V1 launch would incentivise new entrants to the protocolā€¦.but I also see reason in Praetorians argument that we need to find a middle ground to keep existing stackers staked as a mass unstaking, although good for temp market liquidity maybe, looks really bad for the protocolā€¦so my suggestion is that we decide on the APY of the PRPs immediately ā€¦and increase it to a significant amount that would make up for the drop in the main APRā€¦this way itā€™s a win win! What do you guys think?


If we maintain the current APR but increase the rewards pool.

In combination with my idea of distributing the remaining rewards to user who did not claim early for V1. This will encourage current users to stay staked, also for new stakers to join us and for user to not claim early till V1.

The only sacrifice here is increasing the rewards pool in order to lock up the most supply till V1. I think the pros out weigh the cons here.

Only half of the current rewards have been used thus far, for 120 days of lock ups.
So in theory the reaming rewards should last another 120 days, so adding another 3 mill zkp should give us more room for an extra 120 days and ample room for new stakers to join. We shouldnt need the full 120 days extra the new 3mill rewards will add, as V1 should launch between July - Sept Q3. So any rewards left can go towards zZKP holders who didnt claim early.

Keep 15% APR, Add 3 mill to rewards to last till V1, remaining rewards go towards users who didnt claim early.


a great balanced idea, I think Protherianā€™s approach is the most logical and flexible one I support.

ā€œKeep 15% APR, Add 3 mill to rewards to last till V1, remaining rewards go towards users who didnā€™t claim early.ā€

Fully aligned with all three parts.

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Makes sense. Wen proposal? We have less than 3 weeks.

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yes let proposal go snapshot before advance stackin ends

Letā€™s guys do it before April 7th