Length of Advanced Staking?

How long should advanced staking go on for?

Personally, I think that advanced staking should last until V1 is ready to go live.

If a pool of 100,000 ZKP, for example, is put forward for advanced staking rewards, then the APY should be factored in to account for the delta between advanced staking going live and then V1 implementation. So if this period is 12 weeks, for example, then 8,333 ZKP (100,000/12) should be paid out in rewards per week.



I think that the advanced staking program should be between 3 and 4 months. Seems like a good time before privacy staking and testing other protocol parts. If team thinks that between 3 and 4 months is a good time estimation for the durability of program should use it perhaps on advanced staking proposal.


I believe the APY should be adequate, I mean nothing off the charts like a 40%+ APY. In order to preserve capital for the upcoming developing stages.


Looking at other projects staking APY and length of staking,3-4 months of rewards seems good. Also,by that time we should have a V1 rolled out.

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I think we should always have the ability to stake our ZKP. Do staking periods have to be a fixed duration of time?

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I feel the main focus here should be a seamless continuity from Advanced staking to Private staking…having a systematic increase in APY/APR from classic to adv to Private will also help incentivise holding…the PRPs are a brilliant tool for the same…I really hope something similar is designed for Private staking…as that’s the one that’s gonna last till the remaining ZKP supply dries out


One change thas has been applied to the Advanced Staking infrastructure is to allow for future staking programs by creating new terms if needed. This is very important regarding the continuity of the program itself.


I also think the advanced staking period is appropriate for 3~4 months. And I agree that it is necessary for the continuity of the program to allow for future staking programs by creating new terminology where necessary.

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In your opinion, Joris, what sort of time period could we be looking at between V0.5 and V1?

I’d be weary of a sentiment shift in the community if V0.5 ends, and V1 still isn’t ready to go live, so for that reason I’d hope that there would be some overlap or seamless transition. Community sentiment took a huge downturn when classic staking ended and there was no other protocol to utilise.


I think that the 4 month timeframe proposed above is an accurate estimation.

In order to ensure that the length of the program will cover the time period towards Privacy Staking, the option to allow for furture staking programs by creating new terms is optional. Such an option can be applied to prevent a scenario we saw after the ending of the Classic Staking program.

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