Panther app for Android

Name of the proposal:
Panther app for Android


The proposal seeks to develop a Panther-centric Android application, offering users secure and
convenient access to key features such as staking, DAO, purchasing ZKP on DEX, forum and
documentation, all through an in-app browser.
This in-app approach ensures a more secure and efficient experience for users by providing
direct access to Panther functionalities.
The Panther Android app will simplify engagement on the platform, providing users with a
comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for their Panther-related needs.

The proposal to develop an Android application dedicated to Panther arises from a number of
fundamental reasons and needs in the context of cryptocurrencies and the Panther platform.
Facilitate Access and Participation: The Panther ecosystem is designed to provide users with
access to advanced technologies, such as privacy through ZKPs (Zero-Knowledge Proofs) and
participation in DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). However, participation often
requires navigation of multiple websites and platforms. Creating a centralized application will
allow users to more easily and directly access these features, encouraging greater adoption.
Improved Security: Security is a priority in the world of cryptocurrencies. By providing an inapp browser, users will be able to access critical Panther features without relying on external
browsers, reducing the risk of phishing attacks and ensuring a more secure environment for

Convenience for Users: The Panther app for Android seeks to simplify the user experience by
centralizing multiple functions and features on a single platform. This makes it easier to
interact with Panther and makes the platform more accessible to a broader audience, including
those who may not be familiar with blockchain technology.
Fostering Community and Participation: A forum and documentation accessible directly from
the app will promote communication and education within the Panther community. This is
essential for the sustainable growth of any blockchain project, as it empowers users and
provides them with the resources necessary to make informed decisions.

Market Competitiveness: In a highly competitive environment of cryptocurrencies and
blockchain technologies, the availability of a dedicated application for Panther can make a
difference in the choice of users. Facilitate user adoption and retention by offering a more
attractive and efficient solution.
In short, creating an Android app for Panther not only addresses the critical needs of Panther
users and the Panther community, but also contributes to the security, accessibility, and
competitiveness of the platform in an ever-evolving market.

Implementing the Panther app for Android offers a number of key benefits, including easier
and more direct access to features such as staking, DAO and DEX, increased security by
reducing the risk of attacks, a more convenient user experience, promotion of community and
education, competitive advantage in the cryptocurrency market, promotion of Panther values
and increased visibility. Together, these benefits enhance the Panther platform and its position
in the cryptocurrency market.


This is very interesting @Rami.

Just a question - are you suggesting that someone develop this or are you suggesting to develop it?

I am just thinking about the context of a mobile DEX type application - Uniswap only recently released an IOS version of such an application for their interface, so I cannot imagine that it is a simple application to develop.

The documentation and a link to the staking website part I can imagine is fairly easy to do usually.

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The application, as I say, would be simple. The browser integrated into the application would be webview as in most applications that we usually see. The dex is still like when you open uniswap from some applications that use webview. You are entering a link but with your application. the idea to avoid phishing. By using the application like this you can also connect to staking as you currently do with the browser on your mobile. What is the reason I put Android, why does the Apple store have certain applications that are web viewers that make it very complicated to register them?


Hello Rami - just to my first question - you sound knowledgeable on the topic - are you asking for someone to develop this webview application or are you offering to develop this webview application, I cannot figure that out?

I am offering to develop this webview application.


Hello Rami, speaking entirely as a fellow community member, I do not see any reason why you cannot go ahead and make this webview application without formally raising it to the DAO.

If I understand you correctly this application would purely be a menu of sorts of known public web interfaces used by panther ( the bulk of which link from the main panther website already ).

@onblock correct me if I am wrong here?

Anyone can set up a proposal draft, and ask the Panther Foundation for resources in order to further accelerate the Panther ecosystem. It is exciting to see that the community is coming up with new ideas, and therefore contribute to the public good.


Once again thank you @Rami for this initiative. We will discuss this proposal within the Panther Foundation, and come back to you here. Ideally, the aim should be to make the PIP as tangible as possible:

  • Milestones
  • Timelines
  • Resources

As a community member i thank @Rami for the idea and even the making of

Currently, I am in the product development phase with the objective of presenting a demo to the team, in order to evaluate its interest, acceptance and usefulness. If the demonstration is satisfactory and meets your expectations, I will proceed to advance the proposal, detailing the milestones, establishing timelines and assigning the necessary resources for its execution.

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Hello Rami!

My name is Reuben and I’m with the Panther Foundation! We are interested to see if we can help you with this effort and would like to know more!

  1. Do you have some history of the work you have done or any similar app that you have developed?
  2. Is there a possibility to have this more as a native app rather than a webview app?
  3. What hardening measure are you taking to ensure the in-app browser is more secure?
  4. Would the code been open sourced and permissively licensed?

Hello Reuben!!
Nice to meet you! I very much appreciate the Panther Foundation’s interest in this effort.

  1. Although I don’t have a history of working on collaborative projects and my personal apps have not yet been published in app stores, I have developed apps independently, which has given me technical experience in Android app development.

  2. The proposed application is a native application for Android, designed and developed in Android Studio. It uses WebView components to incorporate web content into its user interface, ensuring a smooth user experience and efficient integration with Android operating system features.

  3. In relation to browser security within the application, I am implementing a comprehensive approach to protect users. An important detail is that there will be no visible address bar, and all addresses of associated exchanges and services will be integrated directly into the application. This ensures that users access these resources securely and without the need to manually enter web addresses, reducing potential phishing risks. Additionally, I will apply standard web security measures, such as the use of secure HTTPS connections, to ensure the secure transmission of data. Another detail that I will try is to disable JavaScript as an additional measure (but this measure is not fixed, since I have to test that the web pages continue to function correctly and all their functionalities work)

  4. I am willing to consider open source and select a permissive license if it is beneficial to the project, although the final decision will depend on the Panther Foundation’s development strategy.

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Introduction to the Panther Beta App: Exploring its Features

Beta Panther app :tv:

The Panther app is a versatile platform that offers a wide range of features. When you open the app, you will be greeted with a “Get Started” button that will take you to the Panther Dashboard, where you can access various essential features. Notable features include the ability to access both decentralized markets (Dex) and centralized markets (Cex). In addition, Panther offers a forum to interact with other users, a Bridge to exchange Zkp between networks, access to a self-employed system (Dao) and a valuable section of videos and documentation. The connection with your wallets is made easily through WalletConnect, which guarantees the security of your digital assets. An interesting feature is the ability to watch and listen to videos directly in the app. When you select a video, the app allows you to play it. If you want to explore more Panther related content on YouTube, simply tap on the YouTube option and you will be redirected to the YouTube app on your device where you can access the Panther channel and watch more related content.