Panther Protocol Marketing and Awareness

Let us start a very important topic of discussion here.

I believe as a community we would like to see some sort of planning and explanation of the marketing plans for the product going forward, with key measurable metrics and clear timelines and indications of any and all related topics.

Especially regarding awareness - updates we get from the team are vague across all channels.

This really needs to improve NOW as we are losing investors / confidence by the day.

Example: Stage 1 (bug fix) - update notes “we’ve added new functionality”,

  • what functionality
  • why?
  • when did you know this new functionality was needed and how? (Testing feedback?/Team Decision)

I myself am very close to selling my stake in ZKP and moving elsewhere at a loss.

  • Stage1: Mobile version is under development and was expected to be delivered by September 15th however it was postponed to focus the resource on the Stage2 and infrastructural tasks to enhance the design and frontend development processes
  • Stage 2:
    • [Updated UI/UX design was delivered via clickable prototype - that is to be reviewed and discussed (scheduled for September 18th) to freeze the design by September 20th at the latest
    • Final contracts are expected during the week of September 18th -22nd
    • ZK proof inputs were reviewed and finalized by the team
    • The circuit code was delivered and the pending “createTime logic” issue was resolved, while another minor issue was identified - zAccountId is not checked against the DAO blacklist (not blocking any functionality or development process)
  • Stage 3: The circuit code was delivered and is currently in the integration testing phase

Direct from tech team.

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Marketing plan draft being delivered in skeleton format next Monday.

There is a pause on growth marketing until docs are clear and product status clear. Judgement against TC forced a second look at product from legal compliance - this is a good thing in our opinion as there greater clarity -

Rollout plan will include partnerships, exchange listings, but most importantly feedback loops on product market fit. V1 is an open beta - not a full scale product rollout. Expectation is January, subject to no further tech delays.

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@Originalolii any update on this marketing draft proposal?

3 Mondays have since been and gone…

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Hi Scott,

Yes I did receive the marketing document - it was satisfactory. I wasn’t intending to share it in a community forum as it’s an internal document. Documents designed for the community will not have details of plans and strategies UNLESS the Panther DAO is financing and coordinating these efforts, which it is free to do with ZKP token holder consent.

The most relevant matter for improving the gap between expectations and reality is the recruitment being done to onboard new highly qualified staff to improve Communications.