How can we make Panther token pump?

I guess we are all here to make money. Lets be honest. How can we make this token go up if there is no team working on marketing or partnerships?

CEO - " When Panther gets into delivery mode with a working protocol and associated product Anish and I, as the two founders, will be raising awareness. At the moment most of the team is technical/product related. "

So, marketing will pick up once there is a MVP to advertise

Regarding partnerships; Flare integration should help draw new investors into the ecosystem, should be happening around V1
We also have Near and Avax integration to look forward to

Safi also mentioned “Top 3 Swap protocols are interested on Polygon for Private DeFi interaction. Again, as you see this is a beginning of integration, the community should propose further integrations that brings more value”


good products are listed, I hope that we will have further expansion of interaction with other blockchain bridges, such as, perhaps, BSC, ETH and bitcoin itself, in case of successful implementation and approval by the entire world community, wonderful times and discoveries await us)


It takes time to implement the product. At the moment can only buy at a very good discount price. then these prices will not be.

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I understand all your points and it makes sense however there are things I dont understand.
One is why the token has such low liq on Uniswap specially knowing that the team has raised 25M dolars? (or more) That makes no sense at all.
Also following the same argument, how is it possible such a well funded project does not have an active marketing team? And I am not talking about moderators and shillers. I am talking about an ongoing marketing strategy with visible professionals. Right now the co-founders are presented as “Originally conceptualized by:” on the site which doesnt look good at all (looks like they dont want to be presented as part of the project) so really there is surely info we are missing.

Just buy the dip :cowboy_hat_face:

ZKP coin need protocol utility


As before, Panther will be changing the marketing strategy once there is a product to advertise.

During the bear market (which this still could be; recession looming or soft landing?), it’s hard to justify a marketing team to push a product which doesn’t exist. Almsot like trying to attract exit liquidity for holders who want to get out due to the bear market woes and a product-less token.

Furthermore, a minimal amount of Liquidity being provided ($100k originally, I believe) was to try and avoid any future regulatory issues. As the DAO should be the main decider of how the Panther Foundation funds are utilised.
We are still working on the governance process, such as the Framework flow, Mods and Council members.

That being said, MEXC and DEX liquidity is an ongoing discussion. We should have news on MEXC (which allows for the US market to participate) next week which could include a marketing budget. This should improve the current (disappointing) price action, alongside the Launch of V1 hopefully.
When the price starts to look more positive, it also become more cost effective to provide more liquidity.

Regarding the website, it’s a minor thing which will change, as Panther has a new roadmap and website coming soon.

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It is pertinent to know that every project value centers on its ability to achieve its objectives, potentials or its utilities, panther is building as a new roadmap will be released soon. And better days ahead


We cannot force a token to be pumped. Most importantly, we have no information at what stage of development Panther is. The best ideas were expressed here to increase the value of the token. But only they need to be implemented. Most importantly, I think Panther should show his trust in his community and give more information. And I think the panther needs people to help her every day. These people can be us if they give us technical tasks. For example, knowing certain information, you can work on attracting new people. Which will naturally increase the credibility of the Panther.


Information is very much the Key here.
Right now, the Panther team are keeping their cards close to their chest.
Once we have a roadmap and future AMAs - The community will be more informed. We can then more openly share Panthers goals and spread the knowledge.
If new user understand the product, I’m sure they would want to invest.


it is important here that the team is in touch with the panthers, the deadlines are specified, if all the deadlines with the introduction of version 1 are met, this will give great opportunities for further updates, and in turn will increase the value of the token. Don’t forget about the listings, it gives a good pump + it’s a good advertisement for ZKP


Hi Panther, I am speculating on a certain topic I would like to share with you. What would happen if, when Panther Vaults go to production phase, users stake smart contracts similar to Pangolin SAR? I mean, these contracts should keep on earning over time in your Vaults.

SAR nfts have also a known issue when it comes to sales on secondary market. Buyers may be tricked to buy valueless SAR nfts if they forget to refresh metadatas. Do you think Panther Protocol could fix that issue, I dont know like, maybe if Songbird or Flare state connectors are used, Panther Protocol could automaticaly refresh the metadatas of such nfts.

There is also that issue as setting a price to a certain nft, when state connectors are used, I guess Panther Protocol could retrieve datas directly on chain to set the real price to nfts such as SARs.

One other thing, do you beleive your wrapped assets could protect the original contract? I meann, for example, if again I wrap a similar nft such as SAR in Panther Vaults, I get a z-sar token. In my undestading, I could start to move the as a whole, not staked coins on a nft but one single entity, z-sar. Would z-sars be safer to move from chain to chain or DEX contract to another DEX contract and prevent bug that could break the original SAR nft or similar products?

Flareum, a DEX on Flare and Songbird told me lately they are to build a liquefaction tool for nfts. Its probably something like a contract someone could use to borrow against his nfts. Could Panther Protocol be used to secure contracts such as SARs in Flareum liquefaction product?

I already spoke of that idea with the Pangolin team. Justin seems to like it but I guess he might be worried for the safety of his products. He mentionned the idea as “towers of infinite derivatives” that over a long period could result in great financial failures.

I use SAR as an example. Its a product already in circulation but other contracts could be built in similar manners.

Over time, token inflation should stabilize as SGB, FLR, ZKP, PFL, PSB and others will be distributed. That should help secure the towers of derivatives mentionned by Justin Trollip