2023 New Listings

Hello Friends, almost the end of the year and the market looks like its about to die, lets take advantage and get some listings.

Who knows where we can get a good deal right now - what is available to us?

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If there are discounts to be had, then why not. Must be better than paying full whack during a bull run?

At the same time, it’s a waste of money if V1 is still half a year off (or more, who knows), and if marketing efforts aren’t going to match the listing hype/excitement.

Since PVL are the largest token holders, it’s in their best interests for $ZKP to have liquidity and some potential upside. At the moment, the community is dwindling, we’re losing faith and as a result we’re losing long term holders.

Speaking of liquidity, what happened to the DEX liquidity that was supposed to be added after the MEXC listing? @Originalolii

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All good questions. Let’s hear it from the team and Olii

As i wrote on the main telegram chat Nexo listing can provide to the project liquidity and marketing at the same time, giving to Panther an aura of solidity and compliance.

The platform can need Panther service in a close future and gain trust with them now without other Zk tokens listed there can be very important and smarth for us.

Hey NickG do you have contacts and this platform perhaps you should bring them here to introduce themselves like purefi did?

Panther Ventures and Foundation do not directly market make for legal reasons. We have ecosystem partners that are publicly disclosed but whom neither entity has control over. Our experience is that ratio of capital at work on DEXes is not as high as perhaps it should be. This is a transparency/accountability matter and all agreements with ecosystem partners are being revisited to improve accountability.

The expectation is this will improve.

As an fyi, this idea that any product should market before it’s ready is suboptimal. The critical deliverable is the protocol. Once that’s sufficiently and confidently ready to be delivered, awareness building will be increased. If test net is delayed, product is delayed, ecosystem partnerships are delayed and awareness efforts are delayed, loosely in that order. To do otherwise is to burn capital resources in markets where 99% are already out of runway.

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We are in alignment here, Olii :+1:t3:

Hello Olii, from your side what exchange partnerships are currently on the table that we should discuss/considder?

Anything I communicate is informed speculation until approved or co-approved by the various stakeholders, in this case by the Panther Protocol Foundation council and PVL.

Bittrue, Bitget, FMFW, BitMart, Gate, and Kucoin are being looked at from a due diligence perspective at PVL. Once completed the Foundation would have to decide on whether it wishes to issue a listing grant.

Alternatively, it’s conceivable the DAO decides to pays entirely for the listings in ZKP, or the community manages to get a free listing. I expect a ZKP only listing might be expensive in nominal terms.


I personally like gate and bitget at this point.

How do we use this I formation and move it forward to ‘urge’ such listings to be more aggressively persued?

I wouldn’t push for Bitrue as it’s XRP-centric, which basically silos us into attracting a demographic of a single community.

Kucoin out of that bunch - based on bear market volume.

Depends which has the best ratio of listing fee to volume.

If I were actively engaged with developing the DAO I’d be thinking about the coordination and communication platforms that make sense to grow the community. Things like community meet-ups, test net engagement schemes, Discord or metaverse representation. The type of activities that can only be done by a community v a dev team or foundation. The dev team and the Foundation are there to support the DAO.

On my side, the direction of travel for the listings is good. Any community programs or forums that exchanges have would be good to get Pantherians to comment on when the time comes to let it be known there’s a community there.

FYI, we suspended CEX listing activity because we thought costs were too high. They have fallen no less than 50% and in some cases 75% or more. Now we are re-engaging.


Lets see which the community would vote for?

  • Bittrue
  • Bitget
  • FMFW
  • Bitmart
  • Gate
  • Kucoin
  • Put Uniswap Polygon Profits into the uniswap Polygon Pool
  • Put massive range single sided liquidity on Uniswap on ERC20
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I didn’t know anyone but Zork can get in touch with someone…

Nexo it’s a very interesting and popular Crypto landing project wich offer too many interesting service like loans, credit card, swap with too many pairs, earnings on your Fiat/stablecoin/crypto in different rates based on your status ( owns of Nexo tokens ) or special offer, even a classic Pro Trading platform, ecc ecc

And most important it’s super compliance ( Licenses & Registrations • Nexo ) and safe ( Nexo Strengthens Data Security with Successful SOC 2 Type 2 Assessment • Nexo )

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@Originalolii are there any updates on this?

Some updates are coming soon. ETA 1 week. The list has changed in some places so also considering venues not on this list.

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