Online marketing plan for Panther protocol 1st semester 2023

Hello Panther fam🔥
I drafted a potential online marketing strategy for Panther. After submitting it to the Lounge community I put together all our ideas and detailed the plan with Strategies, Timeline and budget.
Please feel free to give your opinion on it and add ideas.

Overview of the global online Marketing Strategy

I) Panther’s target market :world_map:

Who is Panther trying to reach with online marketing?

:arrow_right: Panther is tackling a huge potential market. Panther aims to be a DeFi game changer to retail and institutions by providing compliant privacy in a Web3 multi-chain design.
Ranging from everyday traders, retail investors, and big institutions all across the globe.

2) Panther’s marketing goals :gem:

What does Panther want to achieve with online marketing?

:arrow_right:Panther aims at becoming the go to privacy reference and extends its reach/engagement throughout the DeFi ecosystem. The current goal of marketing for Panther is to promote advanced staking to bootstrap the launch of Panther V1 with users and TVL using the MASP.

3) The strategies to reach Panther’s market :loudspeaker:

What are the best channels to use to reach the target market?

  • Social media marketing: Cross-platform content recycling
  • Influencers marketing: gain reputation through leading voices in Defi
  • Community nurturing: Involve users and engage regularly to keep it tight and gather feedback
  • Engage partnerships with other chains to grow the network effect
  • Seek out influence through crypto newspaper

Additional idea: also publish content on the new Web3 social media platforms to be pioneers and potentially benefit from a huge upside and access to an already qualified user base.

4) Panther’s marketing timeline :date:

What does it look like when breaking down the semester?

1st MONTH⤵️
gathering maximum existing insights about Panther and its competitors

  • collect feedback from the community about the content they need from Panther
  • market analysis‌ on competitors, PriFi & DeFi trending content, and Influencers that already expressed and Interest in privacy but also the ones covering projects that are partners to Panther
  • Setting up accounts on new platforms (TikTok, other Web3 socials)
  • ‌target-specific content creation based on the research results
  • Draft roadmaps for each marketing segment

:bulb:Community input : @Altaf Virani (telegram lounge community) : “some institutions and funds get their analysis from messari as its authentic and does most indepth review. I think Panther should ask messari to do a paid analysis on it once product is out and also go to messari’s annual event for networking.”

2nd MONTH⤵️
Executing the strategy based on the results of the first month. The key here is the ship content in various forms to identify what is successful.

  • Create educational written content about Panther’s use cases and upcoming features.
  • recycle content to fit each platform’s need (Twitter, TikTok, Youtube) and relay on Telegram and Discord
  • Track keys metrics (Followers across platforms, engagement, Advanced staking wallets, TVL, website visits)
  • Collect feedback from the community about those content and product features (Discord and Telegram)
  • Engage with Influencers in the DeFi space and incentivize them to talk about Panther.

:bulb:Community input : Frank L (telegram lounge community) : “Panther is integrating with Flare…but to me this looks like a real low hanging fruit marketing opportunity. Flare leveraged the XRP community in a huge way with the airdrop and will soon be listed on a lot of exchanges (instant liquidity). Panther should integrate quickly on top of Flare and leverage existing Flare influencers, etc.”

3rd MONTH⤵️
Doubling down on the results and testing out new content forms

  • Continue to create content with an emphasis on what has been working the best in the previous month
  • Track keys metrics (Followers across platforms, engagement, Advanced staking wallets, website visits)
  • Continue recycling content to fit each platform’s need (Twitter, TikTok, Youtube) and relay on Telegram and Discord
  • Organize Bi-monthly AMAs and Podcasts with Panther partners, the community and influencers.
  • Seek out partnerships to grow the network effect

:bulb:Community input : *Coolandcoco (telegram lounge community): “B2b where Ceos focus on convincing financial companies/ Publish advertisements and articles in financial magazines/Event on the PriFi narrative with big influencers”

4th MONTH⤵️
By now it becomes clear what type of content has the most ROI and is most appreciated within the community.

  • Continue to create content with an emphasis on what has been working the best in the previous months
  • Track keys metrics (Followers across platforms, engagement, Advanced staking wallets, (TVL in the MASP), website visits)
  • Continue recycling content to fit each platform’s need
  • Closely monitor the Ambassador Program by helping them create great content with existing content.
  • Seek out more partnerships

5th and 6th MONTH⤵️
The goal here is to optimize content distribution and use it as leverage to reach out to potential partners

  • All of the above + :arrow_down:
  • Analyze new PriFi & Defi trends on CT
  • Manage marketing initiatives and communications across all channels
  • Organize PR and targeted content marketing campaigns around new features launch.

5) Panther’s Marketing budget :money_with_wings:

How much budget does Panther need to allocate to online marketing?

  • Marketing Software

  • Affiliate Marketing

    • This is tricky to evaluate beforehand because it comes down to a negotiation with the influencer and the type of content. However, it is important to note that compensation can also be in ZKP tokens.
    • As a reference: a thread on Twitter by an account that has 30K+ followers is around 200$ (Further research must be done to analyze engagement in the selected influencer’s community)
  • Video editing software & podcast software: ( : 25$/month

The total cost of marketing expenses: 400- 600$/month (the cost to undertake this plan may rise up 10/30% due to external factors)

6) Panther’s KPIs over the 6 months :dart:

1. Website Traffic
How many visits is Panther’s landing and Advanced staking pages receiving?

Current: Unknown
Target: 50K/month

2. Content engagement
How many likes and comments are the various content generating (cross-platform)

Current: Unknown


  • Youtube : 200K views in total with min. 5K views/video with a ratio of 70% likes
  • Twitter : min. 300 likes & 20 comments on each post
  • TikTok : 1M+ views in total with avg. 20K views/vidĂ©os.

3. Social media growth
How many subscribers for each platform?


  • Youtube : 273 followers
  • Twitter : 42K Followers
  • TikTok : 0 followers


  • Youtube : 20k subscribers
  • Twitter : 80K subscribers
  • TikTok : 40k subscribers

4. Panther Advanced staking wallet count
How many new users on the Panther advanced staking ?

Current: Unknown

Target: ??
To be determined when I have more information about the current rate

5. Community count
How fast is the community growing?


  • Telegram : 60K
  • Discord : 9K
  • forum : 66


  • Telegram : 100K
  • Discord : 30K
  • forum : 2K

Thank you for reading my plan. Feel free to add ideas or provide feedback and ideas

Note I would like to integrate Panther’s team full-time on the marketing side. If you need someone with experience to implement this proposal: I am applying !

If you want to see this proposal with a better display check out it’s notion page here
Luka : Panther’s french Ambassador


I think we need to talk more about panther through famous bloggers or less famous ones, it would have a huge effect, the noise of some famous personalities


Good idea! That falls into the “influencer” category.
can you name a few that could be relevant ?

Love it start soon :slight_smile:


Great content, I wish the Panther team will take it in consideration.

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Hey Luka! This is an excellent effort, and I’m really happy to see someone putting something like this on the forum. Commend you for it.

Diving into this more practically, I think processes like these need to be issued as more specific case-by-case proposals. For example, just for the first month, you have five points that require a lot of further breakdown, such as:

*What systems do we use for collecting feedback? Who “collects” it? How do we discriminate what’s valuable vs what isn’t?
*Who handles the social media content/holds passwords/etc?

All of that said, I agree in general with the spirit and direction of your proposal. It’d just be a lot better to make each effort stand individually for itself.

This forum is pretty new and, as such, it’s never experimented a Marketing process that’s lasted for months on end, which would be quite expensive and require personel. Would you mind that I suggest that we start out with small steps that are thoroughly defined? That should also give us a chance to test out Marketing as a DAO, which would be super exciting for our progressive decentralization process as well as challenging but totally doable.