Weekly Update September 30 2022

Dear Panthers,

It’s Friday again, so here’s our weekly mini-update. Read thoroughly to get the hidden alpha!


  • With the changes around using the PRP as a basis of account within Panther Core, a set of updates were implemented in regards to Advanced Staking.
  • The PRP part was removed while activating NFT functionality to account rewards.
  • Updates on the smart contracts side have been done and are in the review stage.
  • Updated contracts are expected to be deployed on Monday to unlock further development (namely, updating the formatting/packing scheme of the UTXO data).
  • Updated product and internal testing are expected during the next week.
  • The team is also working on possible additional audit requests to cover the latest updates.


  • We’ll be attending Devcon Bogotá on Oct 11 → 14. So, if you’d like to catch up with us, join our Discord server and DM the moderators.
  • The recording of Panther’s Co-Founder @originalolii’s talk “Arrested Development: The risk and opportunities in the private DeFi space” at Zebu Live - London Web3 Conference is now live on YouTube.
  • In Panther Academy, we published a deep dive into Ethereum competitors and their respective competitive advantages. Everyone knows the “Ethereum killers” thesis is dead, but competition is still very much ongoing. We reviewed the top Layer-1 chains working on improving Ethereum’s challenges, and what they promise. Have a read.
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