Classic Staking Discussion

I have been wondering if the window for waiting for advanced staking after classic staking has not yet exceeded the point where we can no longer say that classic staking is not needed. What are the thoughts on this matter?

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Price at pre-seed and noone even cares. they promised more liquidity and we still sit around at 50-60k liqudity without any other cex listing so its kinda impossible to drag new people into. And i know they going to delete this post. do you expect them to finish anything at all?

I am not part of Panther but I do believe in the team and their vision, that is why I invested, while I personally agree that things are taking very long, there is a path forward which does include additional liquidity etc, so if this post is deleted, your message has been read and echoed elsewhere


I agree. Now tokens can only be bought or sold, but no more. But who wants to buy them if there is no use :slight_smile: