Incentives for deploying/gas coverage to IPFS

Saif asked: ‘Can the community discuss/agree on incentives for deployment/gas fee coverage please? On discourse !’

Let’s discuss, does anyone know the gas fee to deploy this to IPFS?

How should deployers be rewarded? ( ZKP tokens please :pleading_face: )


I did some reading and here seems to be a very basic guide on how to publish a simple webpage vis ipfs:

can we get a little more background about the nature of this request?

Yes please, Saif or moderators please elaborate on this topic?

During the AMA Saif said the community should deploy the frontend for advanced staking using ipfs.

I asked for details in Panther main:

@onblock Also when is this ipfs based frontend you want the community to deploy being put out so we can start deploying it?

And his response was:

Saif | Panther:
Asap after this few proposals get out of the way… how about look and start actioning next week?

Can the community discuss/agree on incentives for deployment/gas fee coverage please? On discourse !


Panther can reward community deployers in ZKP indeed, from the Foundation reserves.

I do not think that we need to know on forehand how much these gas fees are going to be if the community concurs on that they should simply be covered plus a reward of X ZKP on top. This since the costs deployment may very likely be unkown on forehand depending on how much contracts need to be deployed etc.


Got it. I thinks proposing gas fee coverage plus 2000 ZKP for deployer is good as reward. What do you think @ToXiC_eHC and @cryptoefelle ?

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I suppose it would depend entirely on the effort involved, but it sounds like a plan :slight_smile: :muscle:

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the community is waiting and wants to quickly go through all the formalities to launch the protocol, as the wait has been pretty long

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Yes we want quickly to go to formalities. Because of that I propose that Incentives for smart contract deployment are same as incentives for audit and graph3/ipfs.

Gas fees covered and 2000 ZKP for deployer. Same reward for smart contract deployer, auditer and ipfs graph3. Simple reward structure I thinks.

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