Panther DAO finances update

Like most crowd funded initiatives in the web2 space, it’d be good to have an update on how the Panther Foundation is spending funds (against spending categories) vs money raised.

  • Either values or percentages
  • Categories: include wages / conferences / protocol infrastructure costs / money remaining
  • Could also include a note for future allocation of capital

Keen to hear fellow investors thoughts on this topic.


I hope the whole community to show interest in this topic, I believe is relevant.

I don’t believe an ico is a crowdfunding tho?

Thanks for your interest in the Panther Foundation.

The Panther Foundation is working various ecosytem-focussed aspects at this moment, which are can be summarized, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Reviewing Foundation documents and processes to formalize ZKP holders rights
  2. Facilitatinng loans to market makers to help build organic ZKP liquidity on key exchanges
  3. Streamlining internal processes and getting manpower within the Foundation in order to realize deliverables for the Panther ecosystem
  4. Doing research on the recent (legal) developments in the privacy space

Both PVL and the Panther Foundation are prioritizing their tasks and scope on delivering the protocol (v1) at this moment, and everything that is required to make such a thing possible.

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