PP Governance: Mission Statement [Mission, Values , Vision]

Governance Mission Statement

What standards will our PIPs and PEPs adhere to, for the Mods and Council to maintain? Your input will contribute greatly towards the Framework

Consider any of the following aspects and share your thoughts below:


Our purpose is for the Panther Protocol to provide privacy to an innately transparent system. Enabling confidential, trusted transactions and interoperability with DeFi.


Communication was local and ephemeral, being naturally private.

But as technology has grown, data collection has so along with it; now becoming a powerful tool which can be utilised negatively due to competitiveness.

“Consensual” data collection relies on vacuous agreements between the user and service provider. Privacy should be given first and exposure should be trusted and explicit.


Providing a secure, private transaction ecosystem with a superior user experience,

Maintaining composability with decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols,

Ensuring privacy backed by a game-theoretic model,

Establishing verifiable trust relationships between participants, and

Developing a novel price discovery mechanism for privacy


This is really good i agree :+1:


This is really well-formulated.

I would like to suggest adding the following 2 points to the above:

  1. Panther does not sacrifice security for innovation.
  2. Panther stands for process and decision transparency, where every one of them is openly shared with the community.

I will add this on the proposal :smiley:


When will this be done?

damn, we are waiting for this as soon as possible, friend, brother, comrade))))