Panther Governance framework proposal

As you can see from the above, we are deep into this conversation.
If you would like to add anything, please do so.
We have covered the basic layout of what the Framework should look like


At next step snapshot we should have 2 different proposal type, technical and not technical. Mexc is not technical, should be different in flow diagram since team does need to code on non technical proposal.


Non-technical Panther Improvement Proposals could for example be called Panther Ecosystem Proposals instead.

That said, Panther’s DAO values still have to be discussed here as eventually as pointed out above as these should be displayed on the Governance Framework proposal. Please think of a few points that the Panther DAO should stand for. These should be aligned with what we are trying to build, deploy and govern here. Basically the mission, vision and purpose of Panther Protocol which should be upheld during the creation of PIPs and/or PEPs.


welcome to panther forum :smiley:

Right on! I have been thinking about how to visualize the next phase into a flow diagram.

After the moderator review a PIP moves to Snapshot. We saw this with previous PIPs. First Discourse discussion, resulting in a PIP, and afterwards being pushed to Snapshot.

I called the Snapshot authors and admins together the Snapshot council. These were voted in through PIP-8. These authors should review the submitted PIP and edentify the proposal as a technical (PIP) or non-technical (PEP) proposal. ZKP holders can vote on the proposal. If a PIP gets passed, the contracted team can begin development and receives the resources for doing development. PEP can be executed faster since no development is needed. Exchange proposal is a good example. Still needs to be confirmed budget-wise if the resources are there.

Now I need to think what happens after the contracted team begins development. Team needs to come back to the forum with a detailed, specified proposal I think so that we are updated on the progress. Eventually when these details and updates are here, the voting process for PIP deployment could start.

I will try to wrap my head about the last phase of the flow diagram.


I’ve started another topic for the Panther DAO, so the community can add to the mission statement which links back here, the Framework


Thank you for this! I will include the DAO values onto the proposal draft.

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Here’s the last piece of the Governance flow diagram.

After the team started development, updates here on the forum can be shared with us on the status of the PIP. Based on the information and specifics shared by the team, the Panther Deployment Proposal (PDP) can be identified and put to Snapshot for voting. This happened in practice already so that makes my flow diagram drawing easy. What I saw with the advanced staking deployment, is that after this the code deployer can deploy, if the vote has passed and the PDF can be executed.

I think that this piece of the flow diagram is also tested in practice, I am just sharing it here so that the framework is finalized. I will now watch how the community council members are being elected. After that I think that we can put everything up to vote and finalize the framework discussions. Thoughts?


Should the discussion not happen before the PIP is approved? imo no one should receive a grant and start development already if it is going to be rejected?

Yes, the flow diagram begins with the discussion on Discourse and idea generation: Panther Governance framework proposal - #14 by Hodlerboi

I shared the flow diagram in 3 chronological pieces! :slightly_smiling_face:


good that is finally finished :pray: :pray:

Looking forward to proposal draft soon

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good flow diagram :+1:

when community elections done proposal can go snapshot for vote

I think if we merge the two together from both @Praetorian and @Hodlerboi it will give a better flow diagram

@Hodlerboi - @Praetorian combined it for us into a single document.


Great, we have gotten it now

Thanks guys; this is awesome.

Please @Hodlerboi can you set up a proposal draft for the Governance Framework proposal?


Okay will work on it and add the flow diagram and mission and vision on it. I would appreciate it if you could review it quickly before I post the draft since a few things are unclear rightnow.


Any progress on this topic?

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we’re stuck here how do we get this off the ground?

We are still waiting for he proposal draft