Lets vote for and appoint new ambassadors

I agree as well, he’s a stand up dude and very knowledgeable :+1:t4::+1:t4::+1:t4:


I think his role should be defined as well

IE - what exactly does an ambassador actually do or is meant to be doing?

Regardless it seems to be defined here :grin:


How Can You Contribute?
Here are just a few of the ways that you can contribute as a Panther Ambassador:

  1. Build online communities in your local language or region.
  2. Organize Meetups, workshops, and events in your area.
  3. Create content such as blog posts, videos, podcasts, and more.
  4. Create memes, graphic designs, and other visual content.
  5. Promote Panther on social media and help moderate our social accounts.
  6. Improve Panther’s documentation, tutorials, or other technical literature.
  7. Translate content into your native language.
  8. Pursue potential collaboration opportunities that could benefit the Panther ecosystem.
  9. Provide input into strategic decisions via conversations with the Panther team.

Of course, the sky’s the limit and we want you to be as creative as possible. If you think of other ways you can contribute, we encourage you to let us know about them!

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Great, though i have been engaging on that basically, there are less media promotional activities as defined in number 3 and 4 and that’s one of the areas that are needed

I’ll start producing content and share it in the Unofficial chat, that way the Panther team has something tangible from me, rather than just popular opinion.
Admittedly, this will be new to me so I’ll need time to get into the flow of things.