Lets vote for and appoint new ambassadors

I believe the time is right to decentralize the community management.
Activities would include community management, socials and other related tasks.
Individuals wanting to build and promote panther everywhere and increase our exposure in the market.
Are we ready to run the ambassador program ourselves?
Chosen ambassadors are given a monthly ZKP reward to push panther forward.



we need the names of these ambassadors to vote for them

First we need people to either volunteer or be suggested to even have their names :slight_smile:

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I think such people should be professionals in using social networks and various advertising platforms to promote panther, and they should have enough time for this

100% agreed, we need ambassadors who are active and actively promoting ZKP/Panther

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Check out this community podcast from Flare, why do we not have this?

I think what we need first is the Ambassadors manager: someone who understands the concept of promotional activities, he/she will take the responsibilities of designing the basic tasks needed to promote this project to the ambassadors.

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Ok so you want someone to manage the ambassadors… Could they not be community driven/managed? Or does it need to be an actual person?

An actual person chosen by the community based on competency

Just wondering if that person would not also be an ambassador, or would this be like a head ambassador or somthing :slight_smile: Who would comment?

First let understand the work of ambassadors : 1. The have the audience, 2. The skills 3. They only operate based on KPIs given to them.

The main work is developing a good KPIs that will promote the project and accessing the Ambassadors is the key role. (the manager) It could be an ambassador but just for that particular role

Chief Ambassador or Ambassador Chief or something :slight_smile:

Any suitable name so long as the role is understood

Maybe a full team of people with different roles and skillsets i.e.) one person who has the voice and is good at communicating content…2 or 3 people who are familiar with the Panther ecosystem and can create content ideas…another person who can create and edit cool graphics/videos, etc. Everyone works together to grow the channels.

Great idea.

On: the community could for example set up a proposal after crystalizing out the activities of the program. Please do not rush this I would say. Other projects took years to effectively decentralize such processes while we are pretty much doing it in weeks instead.

For example, the funds/resources part has to be figured out. Not only the ‘what’ part as in resources but especially the ‘how’ part regarding decentralized structures. An example of this is Zcash with their foundation and then community-led initiatives such as Zcash media.


Guys I would like to suggest @Praetorian as an ambassador for Panther. He is highly active on both the official panther channel and the lounge, he has the time to spend on being an ambassador and he has been actively supporting the main channel on a daily basis, always willing to answer questions when the other admins are away or not responding…:fire:


Happy to take part!

I am a lot more active since the new year and fortunately have lots of spare time

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Suffice to say it has not gone unnoticed :fire:


Fully support!! @Praetorian adds a lot to the community


I agree his answers are informative and accurate, let’s support him guys