Panther Protocol X Velas

Official Dex for Velas Wagyuswap will DBL our commitment to list on Wagyuswap ($25k + $25k zkp tokens) plus give us bridging from polygon/eth for free as a bonus.



I think it is too early to set up a bridge to another network at the moment.
We should check back on this once the mainnet launch is concluded and see where the Panther team is with their own bridiging mechanism and possible private dex.

Also the 50k total liq would be better used in topping up the current Polygon pair.
We would get better vaule, attracting bigger buyers (also sellers 눈_눈) to our main liq pool. I dont think Velas current analytics will attract much vaule for us over this.

I personally also think it is a little early at the moment but at the very least we know we have the support when the time comes.

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I also think it’s early for now.

Though is early but as to be considered that it may be necessary at some time.

Yes, agreed, but since we have a partnership it is good to know already now that we can have a good deal when listing on the chain.

I also think bridging to another network is a little early now. It seems that sufficient review should be done first after the main net launch.

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