V1 Testnet Incentives

Please feel free to connect/introduce me to technical writers who you think can significantly contribute to our messaging! We would appreciate it!

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It seems I dont have enough gas to mine on testnet.

Hello, I launched the machine yesterday with 0.7 Matic and Iā€™m still at 0 in mining success as well as 0 in submited proof!
Is this normal?

I agree with this advice.

but there are things I want to ask.

Will the tasks for each stage be created by the team in the form of a form to collect tasks or create tasks that after completion can be tracked on the website or also a kind of leaderboard.

Then I also suggest an allocation for bug reports and feedback, maybe the team can give 10% of the total prize pools to users who report valid bugs/feedback.

I think the team can also allocate for people who make tutorials or spread testnet by creating twitter threads or through anything with the conditions that the team determines, this is for Panther Protocol to be more widely accessible and widely known so that it can attract people to use Panther Protocol Mainnet later.