What happened to the 100k $ZKP Zafari rewards? - Testnet rewards going forward

This topic was addressed by Saif in the Recent Ama and he is looking forward to feedback:

Saif - 39:25

"Yeah. So it’s not about what happened. It’s about when the rewards are going to be processed, and how. The fact that this whole Zafari and the testnet process is evolving. At least from my perspective, what we’re trying to look at is: how can these rewards be issued in a decentralized fashion, and how can you actually create these external triggered PRPs on Mainnet?

So as you understand, the team itself does not custody the ZKP or the reward pool. If you have looked at the structure of how vesting happens and how rewards are logged in the pool, I did not want it to go forward and create a proposal to extract 1000k and do manual distribution and things of that nature. So, again, there is a bit of a novel mechanism where, when you perform or contribute to the testing in the test net, how can those contributions be validated and turned into a reward on the Mainnet that itself can happen?

So that one idea was created. There’s work going on. The design changes have been done on the PRP creation on the Mainnet itself. I’m waiting for the protocol to be launched, and for all these external triggers be applied on v1. I understand that means there’s a bit of waiting that has to be done. But again, these will be clubbed with the additional testing or basically the testing for v1 that is shortly coming. So there will be a lot of testing when the v1 code is deployed. And I think we can basically combine all of those efforts and contributions from the community and the rest of the team that test, and start this PRP generation on Mainnet when things launch.

I would love to hear feedback on that, and what the community thinks. But this is, I think, a novel and a good mechanism to reward users for their efforts and contribution on testing the product itself."

Lets provide some feedback?

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