Panther Testnet

A dedicated topic for Panther Zafari testing and everything related to the testing process and releases.

Hey Guys…can people who have tested out the advanced staking please put up their thoughts and opinions here…think it’ll really help understand what’s happening behind the scenes

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I was part of the UI testing conducted a couple of months back…got a chance to play around with what would be Panther v1 and v0.5…here are some images for your reference!


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User interface looks pretty nice…but what the hell are PRP’s used for :slight_smile:

It’s an incentive system to promote continued staking in order to keep the MASP secure!

Soon v1.0 testing

Looking forward for testnet info. Are incentives for testing?

Seems to be coming it the next weeks, at least that is what I read on Twitter and Telegram

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