Multi-lingual blog for Panther

Hi Everyone,

Panther has 8 local communities : (French, Spanish, Africa, Indian, Turkish, Japanese, Italian, and Russian) which is awesome.

However, These are isolated. If Someone who’s not a native speaker wants to learn about Panther, he/she has to dig into the telegram (English) main chat to find an automatic text from bots inviting him to the local communities. From there, that person has to find the corresponding link to the medium profile where translated articles are hosted to find content in his/her language.

This is why I would like to submit the idea of a multi-lingual blog for Panther. My inspiration was directly coming from one of our partners: Elrond network. (see attachment)

How could it work?

  • Panther pre-publishes the next article with local ambassadors to translate (3 days’ notice should be fine in my opinion)
  • The local ambassadors constantly validate the translation with 2-3 peers.
  • Panther posts the article with all versions all at once.
  • Every local community reposts on the same day (according to timezones)

In my opinion, doing this could help retail, institutions, and various media to learn about the full scope of what Panther is building. I think this is necessary to create a vibrant community in the long term.

PS: I already submitted this proposal to the team. Quoting @Carlos, the feedback was that it “could be a good thing to do but to quality-assure multiple languages would require a fairly big number of people”.

I would like to have the community’s thoughts on this idea. Don’t hesitate to put forward a better solution/process.
Moreover, are 2-3 peers to review translated articles enough? If yes, what could be the selection process?

Thank you for reading and commenting.



I think that’s a great idea! Will add to the professionalism of the Academy…as an Indian…I feel it’s better to stick to English for the Indian community as there are over 300 different languages in our country (including dialects) and also there would not be equivalent words for some of the tech jargons


Carlos here. In concept I like this idea, but the execution can be a bit clunky. Issue is that to fully endorse translations, we’d have to go through a very careful veto process, and that’s even a security issue because it opens up attack verticals. I’ll propose something after I have given this more thought. Love the enthusiasm!


Thank you for the detailed response.
Let me know if I can be of any help to make it happen!

This is a good idea but may not be necessary at this time. There are regional communities already, First growing these communities should be the target before considering this idea.

Sir im here to support bengali and hindi and urdu community let me know if you planning to hire me