PIP List on MEXC and add additional DEX liquidity


It’s time for it, mexc before V1 will undoubtedly enhance ZKP appeal




Hello PVL has completed their Due diligence with MEXC and I now present you our final MEXC Listing draft:

PIP-12: Listing $ZKP on Mexc

Through this proposal we want to give Panther Foundation Limited authority to spend +/- $300k for the MEXC listing ( These funds are to be used on listing fees, marketing costs, and liquidity/market making costs, and should be pulled from Foundation funds)


The Panther community has asked for additional exchange listings. Through MEXC we hope to improve the trading experience. MEXC concern the both the Ethereum and Polygon network.


  1. Improve the on and offramps for the advanced staking protocol.

  2. Fairer prices for buyers and sellers on MEXC due to improved trading volumes on the exchange.

  3. Expose Panther to a large audience of potential traders.

  4. Higher trader volume and market stability.

  5. The main infrastructure for Panther is on polygon currently therefore it only makes sense to have the option to withdraw on polygon from MEXC.

Proposed actions

The following actions are proposed:

Give the Foundation authority to:

  1. Earmark up to $300000 of Foundation funds for listing fees, marketing costs, and initial liquidity / market making funds for listing on MEXC.

  2. Sign listing agreements and transfer the funds.

  3. Determine the best date in the future to list $ZKP, create a marketing plan, and announce and promote the listing accordingly.

  4. Engage a market maker to manage the liquidity and trading.


The community would like The Foundation to aim to execute most of the tasks before the end of February 2023.

Source of Funds

The listing fees, marketing expenditure, and requisite liquidity should come from the Foundation budget.


Please vote to accept or reject the proposed actions detailed above.

As per the existing DAO governance structure, you need to hold staked $ZKP Ethereum Mainnet or Polygon to participate in voting.

Voting power is calculated by Snapshot.org 1 taking a snapshot of the number of ZKP tokens per holder at the block within which the proposal was created.

Please may you comment on this?


Thanks for drafting up the MEXC proposal @ToXiC_eHC. Since the community has discussing the above for multiple months now together with the completed MEXC DD process, I would say that the community can push the proposal live so that all ZKP holders can vote. Thanks everyone for contributing to the discussion.




DEX Liquidity

With MEXC just around the corner, let’s have a vote ready about DEX liquidity for just after that launch. Strike while the iron is hot.

We need to agree on a plan of action

1.How much liquidity will be supplied?
2.Which Network are we supplying said liquidity for?
3.What pair will we supply with ZKP?

@ssmccul had a great suggestion, please read such and decide

Please fill free to add your own suggestion.
Mine are as follows:

1.A total $300k liquidity should be supplied

2.With $200k going towards ETH and $100k towards Polygon pool

3.I like the idea of a ZKP/FraxBP pool on ETH for Curve, generating us yield from Frax.
As well as more liquidity going into the already created Uniswap ZKP/USDT pool.

Once we agree on terms - we will need to follow the previous proposal format used for MEXC vote. Like this:



Proposed Actions


Source of Funds

Please share your thought’s - let’s keep up a good pace with this one.


yes, we can discuss this, but we do not know the exact amount of liquidity that the fund can provide, no one disputes this. liquidity in the FRAX BP pool, I support that panther should be represented not only in the uniswap/USDT pool
I think that after being included in the mexc list, we will have an idea of what we are capable of on a material basis, but we need to think about it and start the process now

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We will have to suggest an amount, then the Foundation will confirm if it will be possible.
That is the only way we can find out I suppose.

It’s best we get this vote ahead of the MEXC Launch, so we can supply liquidity just after MEXC. That way there’s a good balance of liquidity on both CEX and DEX.
Also ZKP will be its most valuable around then, if we leave it too long afterward, the price will slowly fall due to low volume. Costing the Foundation more of their ZKP reserves

If we add an ample amount of Liq on DEX very closely to the launch, it should actually support the price better and have ZKP garner more Volume in the end.

I agree with all of the above, I can help to draft the PIP :slight_smile:

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Just to note dex liquidity should not be split. We should choose one chain and only one dex for the moment. Deeper liquidity will always be better.

Also we should have different pairs that what will be at mexc. If mexc is paired against USD, dex liquidity should be against FrxETH.

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Is very vital to keep to one DEX now inorder to bring more value and boost the impact, if $300k should be released then it should go to Uniswap and that will be better

I believe it was Olii who agreed that we should increase the liquidity on uniswap polygon and also look at adding a pair on the erc-20 side. I agree with him.

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I agree with this proposal for more DEX liquidity

DEX liquidty is important. will vote for proposal

let’s do this I agree to increase DEX liquidity