Weely Update 2 December 2022

Dear Panthers,

It’s Friday again, and it’s time for our weekly mini-update. Here’s everything that transpired at Panther this week. :point_down:


  • After successfully deploying PIP-9 and it passing, we’re getting ready for Panther’s v0.5 to finally be launched through PIP-10. Here’s the community discussion of PIP-10 going on right now on Panther’s forum!
  • As outlined by PIP-9, community members deployed Panther’s smart contracts on both the Ethereum and Polygon networks successfully, as well as Subgraph instances. We can now say that this was conducted successfully. Thank you for making this decentralized deployment possible!
  • As for the configuration of a front-end, which will be undertaken by PIP-10, the product has been tested during three cycles. No logic or computation issues were found. A set of minor UI corrections should be implemented, with an additional testing cycle following. Subsequent audits for all of the above were successful.


  • In case you missed the last few days of Panther developments, here’s a Twitter thread from Oliver Gale recollecting all that happened at Panther in the last few weeks.

  • This week, Panther’s Co-Founder Oliver Gale joined Jedi from Blocmates to discuss privacy, its importance, and how you simply cannot be complacent about it. Watch it here: Panther Protocol and its quest for on-chain privacy.

  • This weekend in Bangalore, Panther Co-Founder Anish Mohammed is representing Panther as a hackathon judge at ETHIndia – Asia’s Biggest Ethereum Hackathon.

  • Next week, Panther’s Co-Founder Oliver Gale will join CoinAGENDA Caribbean in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Get more info here.

  • Oliver will also join Michael Rippe’s podcast as a featured guest to discuss privacy and transparency in DeFi early next week on Monday. Set a reminder for the podcast here.
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